'A Simple Plan?


I am just a simple man

With simple wants and deeds

It seems I only went through life

Steered by other's needs

When asked to help others

I lit up full of purpose

But sometimes find that people

Don't trust my work...and thus

I end the day all washed out

Lonely and spent

Too tired to even shout

Wondering where everyone went

We started out our day

Full of hope and promise

Knowing we could make it work

So what went wrong with us

We thought we had it figured out

A plan that could not fail

We only needed to make things ready

And then our ship could sail

How can we ever work together again

After showing our lack of trust

Haven't we learned anything

From yesterday's troubles and must

We always be doomed to repeat

The torment most of us hate

But some of us must love

That consumes all of us each day

Alton Hargrave 4.26.2007




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