If Not Me, Then Who. If Not Now, Then When?

You see a crime being committed.  While you are at the mall, you come upon a woman being beat and her purse taken. What do you do?  Join the other onlookers as they merely watch?  Join the group within that try to dial 911 to get the police on the scene.  All the time, the mugger beats away on the poor woman while grown men just stand there in a frozen state watching.

Why not jump in there and stop the beating?  Well, this guy looks tough, he might take a swing at you.  He might beat you senseless.  Maybe one of the other guys with you will do something!  You are watching them too...but no one moves in.  Why can't you move!  Confused, you are torn with conflicting emotions.  You have been taught to not fight.  You must not fight or use any violence.  You may have heard of rescuers getting hurt or killed as they have tried to come to someone' aid.   You don't really know how to fight another man...this is something you haven't even considered since childhood.  But, the shame of doing nothing.  Where are the police? Why is no one doing anything?

"If not me, then who, if not now, then when?"

This is your call to action.  You are on the scene.  You are able bodied. You are not a fighter, and abhor violence.  But, this is your moment to act.  Do it! If you get a bloody nose, you will live.  You will at least be able to look yourself in the mirror.  You may surprise yourself.  Forget yourself and your own precious welfare for one time in your life and help a complete stranger.  No reservations or limitations as you take action.  You are not trying to be a hero.  You do not do this to acquire appreciation from someone.

Another thing.  When you get done helping this person, get on out of there.  Don't hang around for the media and back slappers to get there with the cameras and such.   Don't leave your name.  Just act and move out.  And know that you took charge of the situation and yourself.  And, helped someone in need.







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