Do you have a father?

What a ridiculous question! 

Everyone has a father.  For some of us, our father is no longer around.  He may be separated from us through any number of reasons.   Maybe he is deceased and maybe he has been gone for many years.

Can you remember him?  Wasn't he a really great father and didn't he try to do what was best for you and your family?  Did you understand his actions at the time.  Not likely.  When we are children, we don't usually understand grown ups or their actions.  But, now, we aren't kids any more and we may need to rethink things of the past.  Isn't it time you remembered your father and how much he loved you?  Why not remember him this father's day and keep his memory and honor alive by telling someone else some of the great things he did. You just might discover that you and he are a lot alike!






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